Hi, I’m Guillaume. I’m a Rigger/TD, technical artist.

I have 5+ years of experience working as a Rigger, some of them spent as a Lead Rig. I’ve worked on different production styles, from cartoony/stylized shows to realistic ones.

I have a thorough understanding of animation/vfx pipeline from modeling to rendering.

Good understanding of animation principles and animation needs (used to be an animator).

Solid knowledge and understanding of anatomy, facial expressions and good model topology for animated characters.

I use Maya as my main software, python and pymel for scripting. I’m familiar with the Maya python api, with mel, I have experience with PySide and PyQt. For sculpting I use Maya and Mudbox. I worked in the past with 3dsMax.

I’m proficient in characters and creatures body rigging, problem solving, applied 3D math and communication. I’m focusing nowadays on realistic face rigging/sculpting.

I’m currently working as a┬áLead Rig at Axis Animation.