Hi, my name is Guillaume Gilbaud. I’m a Rigger/technical artist with over 8 years of experience, some of them spent as a Lead rig, working on different production styles, from cartoony/stylized shows to realistic ones.

I have a thorough understanding of animation/vfx pipeline from modeling to rendering with a focus on modeling and rigging characters for animation. I’ve started my career in the animation industry as an animator and through the years I’ve learnt what makes a good rig for animation.

I’ve got a solid knowledge and understanding of human and creature anatomy, and how it applies to 3D model’s topology/mesh flow to guarantee the best possible looking deformations and ease of use for animators. With a special focus on human faces structure, articulation and deformation.

I’ve got soIid 3d math knowledge (linear algebra, trigonometry), very good problem solving skills and extensive knowledge of Maya architecture. Maya is the software I use the most, I’m also familiar with 3dsMax and Mudbox. I script in Python. Inside Maya I tend to use Pymel and the python api a lot nowadays vs maya cmds.  I have experience with PySide and PyQt.

I’m currently working as a Senior Rigging artist at Framestore. You can check my LinkedIn profile if you want to know more about my previous work experiences and get more details.