I worked on the first season of Pat the dog TV show as a Lead Rig at Superprod. When I started to work at Superpord, the company just launched their animation studio a few weeks before. There was a lot of challenges at that time, as there was no pipeline yet, no rig builder/autorig… but we had to produce this TV series Pat the dog. We quickly developed an in-house rig builder with the help of a colleague and even though we were still doing a bit of manual rigging, especially on the face, we’ve been able to deliver all the rigs as well as developing a bunch of tools for animators and pipeline tools. Looking back at it, I’m pretty happy with the result and the overall quality of the show, considering there was so  much things to do and the very cartoony challenges of the show.

I was responsible for :

  • leading the project rig team (2 to 5 riggers + me), worked with other departments, taking decisions…
  • developing the rig builder
  • Pat (main hero dog) face rig
  • Lola (main hero girl) body and face rig
  • Victor (main bad guy) body and face rig
  • Tank (bad guy’s dog) body and face rig